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Ignite Technology marketing case study Interalia Marketing


SaaS Vendor - Broadcom Partner



Ignite Technology was ready for their next stage of growth and needed help to turn their ‘best endeavours’ approach to marketing into something more professional and results-focused.

Marketing Services Used:
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Marketing Audit
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Marketing Strategy
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Lead Generation
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Sales Enablement


After just 18 months, the business now has a professional marketing engine running, and a solid foundation for further growth.

The activity introduced and managed by Angela and Interalia Marketing in the 18 months has turned into more than $1m in sales opportunity pipeline.

Considering there was zero marketing before this point, this is quite a result!

The Challenge

Already a successful global software vendor, Ignite Technology was struggling to gain real traction with marketing, and had limited time and expertise in-house to manage it effectively themselves. 

Now ready for their next stage of growth, and a more structured investment in marketing, they needed help from an external expert to help them produce a results-focused marketing strategy, and raise their profile as a credible Broadcom partner.

The Solution

Acting as their part-time head of marketing Angela worked with Ignite on a number of marketing programmes, before a permanent headcount was recruited.

  • Marketing Audit. An initial marketing audit was conducted on the back of which a series of recommendations were made and implemented

  • Channel Marketing. Oversaw Broadcom co-op marketing and funding programme, including planning, execution and reporting

  • Lead Generation. introduced an integrated lead generation programme, including independent research into the market, thought leadership content & paid media.

  • Website Redevelopment. Managed a new website development including agency selection, SEO and content development, going live in just 3 months from kick-off.

  • Content Marketing. Appointed a content agency to help scale output and capture thought leadership insights from the team to support blogs, social and other assets

  • Sales Enabalement. Introduced social selling to help the sales team engage effectively on LinkedIn as part of a wider sales enablement programme, including introduction of sales intelligence tools and message development and sequencing.


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2000+ MQLs in 18 months

Using integrated marketing strategies and campaigns to generate high volume leads, leading to more than $1m in sales opportunity pipeline.

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New website in 3 months

Sourcing and managing a web agency, as well as all content & SEO, to produce a slicker, newly branded website in a short space of time to support inbound and outbound marketing programmes.

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Winning Sales Strategy

Supporting the in-house SDR by developing a sales playbook, templated outreach messages and sales sequencing best practice, as well as team-wide social selling programmes.

What Clients Say

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“Angela has supported us on a part time consultancy basis for the past 18 months and since then marketing has transformed significantly, from a best endeavours approach to the much more professional marketing engine we now have. Angela has really raised the game in terms of our marketing processes and output, giving us a solid foundation for further growth.”

Roger Tunnard
CEO, Ignite Technology