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Why Work with Me?

Angela Cattin, B2B Marketing Consultant

Having spent more than 20 years working in inhouse roles in a number of technology businesses, I made the decision to go freelance in 2019, and so far I've not looked back!

I'm not an agency, nor am I one of those consultants who comes in with all the big ideas and no concept of your budget, internal processes or other pressures you're facing. I really get to know your business, and bring to the table both strategic thinking and a pragmatic approach.
I support my clients in different ways - ongoing part-time retainers, supporting one-off projects or providing fractional marketing cover when it's needed.
If you’re looking for an unflappable and straight-talking marketer to join your team on a flexible and affordable basis, I'd love to hear from you.
Angela Cattin, B2B Marketing Consultant

What Do I Value?

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Getting Stuff Done
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Making a Difference

What's My Style?

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Reliable, down to earth and very capable. I'll work with you openly, honestly and collaboratively. And always in a calm and totally unflappable way.

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Straight Talking and Practical

Pragmatic and honest. I won't ever exaggerate what I'm capable of - or what I think your business is capable of. Everything I recommend will be achievable for your business, right now, bringing fresh ideas that I know I can deliver on.

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A Genuinely Nice Person to Work with

I really do care about you, your people and your business and everything I do is to help you achieve the very best for your business. In a non-showy and friendly kind of way.